African American Braid Hairstyles 2017 Pictures

The ladies in this part of world have usually thick and dark hair. This year short and long hair Braid Hairstyles are in trend for African American women in 2017. Furthermore, the pictures of such kind of hairstyles catches the eye of everyone in the crowd. The combination of natural braid and some styling is well suited on on occasions and on events. A good haircut gives a cute and stylish look, thus enhances the overall personality.

Braid Hairstyles

French Braids:

Side and upward french braids well suited on medium length hair. These type of braids are for all age women and suits on almost every face shape. This haircut goes perfect with summer look as well as this can be worn on special event and on occasion too you can also add copper highlights at the bottom of the bottom hair. You can also embellish this braid with beads and small hair pins to give a fancy look to your hair.

micro mini braids hairstyles


These are exclusive of African American braids. These are tight small braids starting close to the scalp. The African American women make these braids and release them after one or two days to get an equally curly exceptional wave in their hair. It can be set afterwards in a number of other sophisticated style.

Fish Braid:

Another popular braiding style common among African American women is Fish braid. It looks really trendy and complicated at the same time. It is made by interweaving small strands of hair in a set pattern. It is known a fish braid because it looks like a skeleton of fish in its complete look.

African American Braid Hairstyles Pictures

Dutch Braid:

It is more like French braid but looks looser and more relaxing than the French braid. The women who already have thin elongated face should try Dutch braid instead of French braid.

Lace Braid:

This simple but stylish braid covers the crown of the wearer in a half moon shape.

These Pictures in gallery and African American Braid Hairstyles 2017 can be worn on different occasions to add interest and sophistication to your look. These braids are very convenient to carry in summers and spring season. Try these braid style and check which one suits you best.

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