Beard Styles for Black Men 2016 Design Pictures

Black men are trying to carry the beard trend and are wondering for classic styles in 2016.  The pictures in gallery must help one to understand that which design of beard is suit on your face shape. Moving towards the trend of beard style in black men then from a long period of time African American black men follow these styles. They never left it in any time due to this they introduce many new designs. Short beard style are important part of their traditions and with passage of time they improve well in it. It styling had done in multiple ways that will start form full beard to full length beard in different period of times. While they also matching it with different length of hairs.

  • Full Beard

The full beard style is also sported by most of the men to cover the jaw line and chin. This style is best for those who are enough proficient of growing a full beard.

  • Classic Goatee

This style is gaining its popularity especially among boys as it just contain simple thick beard which is worn on the chin and it is not associated to a moustache. It also helps the boys to return with clean shaven face when the mood changes.


beard styles


Another important thing that found in African American black men are that majority of them has curly hairs. From hairstyle to beard hairs all are curly, for straighten of hairstyle different products are available. But when one goes to straight beard hairs then it look odd so it’s necessary that one style it in such a way that it will suit without straighten. For this styling is only thing that plays an important role in making a proper beard style. For this pictures of some latest designs of Beard Styles 2016 for Black Men that cover majority of styles and these also help to make an idea that which style is best or suit for which face and length of hairs.

So if you want to have a beard you have to follow certain rules. While trimming up your beard it is recommended to trim up to the jaw line as it brightens the double chin. Take full care of your bear as you use to take care of your hair means conditioning and washing.

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