Best Mineral Makeup for Oily Acne Prone Skin 2016

 Sensitivity of skin decides that which type of make up is best to apply, its different for every skin type. Oily Acne Prone is special type of skin on which mineral makeup is best to use during 2016. Its comparison with traditional liquid makeup must make it clear that this one is best for this special kind of skin tone. This has minimum side effects that why its good to use. People also prefer this kind of makeup because it gives just a natural look and do not looks overdone. Here is the list of brands that produce quality products.

Bare Mineral:

It has mineral makeup kits that full with a range of products. These kits have everything you need. Its makeup is really light that is perfect for day time. The bare minerals are gaining a good repute in makeup industry.


Alice Cosmetics Minerals:

This brand assure to use best quality products in their makeup. With this they also has a wide range of option. This is suitable one for this specific skin type. Its texture is light and silky. It has the ingredients that protect your skin from sun. It also offers your eye shadow, bronzer and mascara.

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers:

This mineral sheers really easy to apply and is quite light so does not give your face a heavy caky look. The best thing about it is that it offers you everything in one container even the brush.

L’Oreal Bare Natural:

This bare natural offers you loose and pressed face powder. Its mineral foundation is also recommended by the skin cancer Foundation because of the sunscreen they inject in your skin. These mineral products are really affordable.


Jane Iredale Mineral- Splurge:

This type of powder is free of oils, dyes and tales. Its bases are also used as concealed and foundations. There is a range of shades in mineral powders.

These all brands produce some best kind of Mineral Makeup for oily acne prone skin that is best to use this year in 2016. So this special skin type ladies must try it at home they must get some best results from it.

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