Brunette Hair Color Ideas 2014 Shades Trend

Details about Brunette Hair Color Ideas 2014 Shades Trend are now in latest fashion trend. In 2014 celebrities also prefer to wear this color for their hairstyle. Brunette hair color changed the trend of brown hairs. Before couple of years ago trend of brown hairs is on peak and everyone is set to make their hairs brown but now women get bored from this fashion and moves towards these latest colors. Further few shades of these hair color ideas are also given as below.

Shades Trend Brunette Hair Color Ideas 2014

Medium-brown Color

Chocolate hue: To get this one justt shine hairs by apply a glaze every few weeks.

Summery look try sun-kissed highlights around your face: To make it more suitable one try sun-kissed highlights around face that helps to enhance its look.

Medium brown with lighter underneath: For this Keep your hair glossy by using deep conditioning treatments.

Medium-brown ends and darker roots: This is more suitable with chocolate shade that’s give extra beauty.

Ultra-dark brown: To make them more attractive slightly auburn lowlights at home.

Brunette pixie: This will become more suitable with porcelain skin and also best in black colors.

These above are the best shapes for Brunette Hair if some new colors are introduced in them then they are also updated here on this page.

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