Cold Weather Fashion Trends 2016 to Try This Month

As winter season with all its chilly gloom is at its peak, people are looking ways to look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time. Here are the fashion trends that you can try in this cold weather month. They will keep you warm, comfortable and give you an elegant look in one go. So, these are the tips for cold weather of 2016 that must makes you fashionable.


  • When the temperature dips below freezing level, nothing is cozier than the pair of fashionable jeans with long boats or pointed heels along with a comfy guff jacket. You can add a bright colored wool muffler to it also.
  • A surprising and refreshing fashion trend for this winter is to wear sneakers of vibrant colors. It is though casual yet creative fashion to wear smart sneakers with jeans and a hood or warming upper matching to the color of your sneakers.

winter dresses

  • You should try the classic turtle neck the winter. It will draw attention to a statement necklace that you can wear, one of the best fashion trends for this winter.
  • Instead of wearing the heavy common long coat for day in and day out, you can change this trend by wearing a cape that will provide you equal warm as of the coat buts extremely light in weight and easy to carry. You can pair the cape with loose trousers that will compliment your fashionable look.

 Cold Weather Fashion Trends to Try This Winter Month

winter dresses

  • You can wear sweaters for in doors while going out with a pair of comfy bright colored leggings or jeans that will balance out the bulk of the sweater and give you a trendy look.
  • You can wear your sweaters for in door while going out with the pair of comfy bright colored leggings or jeans that will balance out the bulk of the sweater and give you a trendy look.
  • Your wardrobe for winter is not complete without a fur vest or luxe gilet. It adds a textile twist to your look and also gives extra warmth.

winter dresses

  • You can use a fedora instead of clunky beance or oversized trapper. It will keep your head and ear warm for sure.
  • It is not that, you cannot wear silk summery dresses in winter. They can work well with wool sweaters or jackets. The trick is to wear light weight dresses in dark colors. Also wear leather shoes to add style to it.

winter dresses

  • T have a sleek and slimmer look in winter with bundled-up top half of your body, wear skinny jeans to balance and stream line the upper half.
  • Accessorize yourself with heavy jewelry and thick chains to your avoid in summer. Do not forget to wear long necklaces with colorful beads and chains to add more style to your look.

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