Hipster Haircuts for Guys 2016 with Curly Hair

For men’s hairstyle, 2016 is the thrilling year. In this year one of the most amazing and exciting hairstyle is come from hipster haircuts especially for the guys with curly hair. It contains very unique and different styles. This is copied from a Greece with lot of changing in older haircuts. These classic Haircuts are popular all over the world especially in the Western side. Below they are discussed that might help you for smart and dashing look.

Mainstream Hipster

This haircut is the most popular one. It is suitable for all age men. This hairstyle works well for those having fine to medium curly hairs. To have this haircut, ask your hairdresser to leave 3 inches on the top to increase the pomp. Depending on your hairstyle side length hairs can vary from short to medium.

Hipster styles

The James Dean

This hairstyle has the pomp and body. This is best for professional look. It works well for medium to thick and curly hair. For this haircut keep the sides at a medium length and side should be blended and at ratio of 2:1

Hipster styles

Let it Grow

Let it grow is another famous hipster haircut. For this you just have to let your hair grow. It is best for less curly and medium length hair.

Hipster styles

The Flow and Comb

This hipster haircut is also good for professional places. This is suited for curl, thick and fine hair. To have this haircut make sure your hair must be longer on both sides and from the front too then add a classic square cut.

Hipster styles

The Caesar

This haircut is well suited for low-maintenance man. This haircut took very short time to maintain this. For this cut your hair from the top at a very short length and evenly on both sides.

Hipster styles

The Bed Head

As the name mentions this hipster haircut is for playful look and for Younger’s. It is suited for curly and wavy hairs. For this cut let your hair grow and combine it with texture to have movements.

Now mens are also conscious about styling their hair, but for this a haircut is necessary. Because after cut styling is possible. And hipster is one appropriate latest one that match with this kind of outfit as well for every face shape. While curly hair are difficult to style and this also suit on that type of hair.

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