Here we share with you how to decorate sugar cookies with sprinkles. Baking cookies is a difficult task instead of decorating cookies. Decorating is an interesting ask task which is doing every one according to their choice. Sprinkles are a common thing for decorating cookies and most of people like to decorate this style. It’s very easy way to decorate a batch of butter cookies and other plain Christmas cookies with sprinkles. There are so many things that you can do to help those sprinkles sticks. One can use brush the tops of he cookies with a little bit of water or milk.This thing will help you to stick and could not change the finished appearance of the cookies when you baking process done.

  How to Decorate Sugar Cookies with Sprinkles

You can use egg whit for applying on cookie with the help of brush. This is a reality that you could not serve sugar cookies with out decorating and when you decorating cookies with sprinkles it increase the beauty of first appearance in front of your guest. Sprinkles are the small pieces of candy or colored crystallized sugar use to decorate simple cookies and through this you give a festive look appearance. There are so many methods of decorating cookies with sprinkles and all method is amazing and children are laying them. This is a right place where one can get the different ideas of decorating cookies with the help of sprinkles, so keep in touch with this page.