How to Get a Wet Look Side Part for Women

Wet look is the easiest and quickest to make hair style. It is the best option when you are in a rush. Wet look side part hair style is all very much in fashion these days. This hair style works well with any hair length. This hair style looks stunning with an elegant party dress and good makeup. It also works well to you a toughened look, if your costume is more girly. It does not disturb you in your sleep and remains as it is when you wake. So, keep on reading this article to learn how to have this amazing hair style step by step.

Wet Look Side Part

Wet Look Side Part

  • Comb your wet hair and part it side way before using any gel.
  • Apply a generous amount of gel by using a comb.
  • If you want to have a wavy look for your hair then after applying gel, make a braid.
  • Loose your hair after few minutes and move your finger in it to have any texture that you want.

So, your hair style is ready. It will surly enhance your over all look and also adds attitude and style to your personality.

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