OPI Gel Nail Polish Colors Chart 2018

OPI Gel Nail Polish Colors Chart 2018

For the information, this product that have been branded with the name as O·P·I, that is a famous and well known one American nail polish manufacturing brand. They have just revealed their OPI gel nail polish colors chart for the year of 2018. Again this time a huge shades collection is included in this one that made it best then any last one. It is a dynamic industry which is being committed to provide the high quality products and services with a focused on the industry safety and new innovations.

  • For summer season they have been comprised of the light shades because, in this hot summer time, your hands might be able to look more delicate and gentle if you will be having a nail paint of lighter color.

You can try this plummy raspberry adorable shade of this new arrival, this is best one among this list! You just have to do the single coating and then the magical looking hands will be right there in front of your eyes.

  • In this we have this baby pink shade, it comes with a shimmery kind of effect. You have to do just two thick coating of this nail paint shade and then you will be getting a barbie look on your hands.
  • It also comprises of peachy kind of nude shades, with adding to the shimmery effect they look more special. You can try out the orangish in kind of red nail paint shades to get that perfect finish on your nails.

A quality thing about this product is that a single color in this chart is having more than one shade. Its quality satisfaction of this brand that they always work to make them better.

“OPI Gel Nail Polish Colors Chart 2018”

OPI gel nail polish color names list

  • The rosy tint shade in this chart is also best one, you can say that it is a kind of white gold nail paint shade. What you need to have is just a minimum control on your nail paint brush and then you are good to go to have appealing looking hands.

These all colors are finalized with the latest technology, that made it a best and unique collection which can get by luck. One can select any one among this OPI gel nail polish colors chart in 2018. Any sort of your favorite shade is on this list.

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