Which Celebrities are Best to Follow for Spring Fashion Trends 2015

The women that want to follow some latest fashion trends must looking forward that Which Celebrities are Best to Follow for Spring Fashion Trends 2015. With closing of last year, we have seen a variety of bold fashion trends being introduced by top celebrities and followed by others. It’s time to look forward to the newness in fashion world with the advent of New year 2015. Spring season is days away and is expected to be colorful, vibrant and printed. With the soothing breeze of spring, following are the fresh and latest fashion trends that are assumed to be followed by celebs.

Spring fashion trends of celebrities for year 2015

  • Bold floral patterns are gift of spring season as always. This time they are a bit different in terms of their boldness and brightness which is contrasting to the traditional patterns of past seasons. A good example of it is Christopher Kanes collection which includes more graphic floral patterns. These are best for the stars like Kate Bosworth.
  • Talking of prints which appear to be excitingly loud and big as if portraying the excitement and warmth of spring season. Celebrities like Michelle Dockery are ready to experiment with these prints.
  • Pastel colors are always appealing for spring season. The light and cool tones can be seen in Jonathan Saunders who is worn by famous celebrities.
  • To play with the ease and comfort of spring season, logos on shirts, skirts, pants are seen in the collection of different renowned designers and this fashion trend appreciated by the celebrities like Kelly Osbourne

Kate Bosworth Spring dresses

Just as in 2014, sheer fabric still finds its way in 2015 fashion world. It is predicted that it will be seen on the runways worn by the celebrities. Previously, it was worn by both Alexa Chung and Chloe Moretz in Simone Rocha on red carpet.

  • Tight fitting with pleats leaving behind the Aline loosr skirts and shirts are again in fashion for spring 2015. It can be undoubtedly said that this fashion trend will be preferably adopted by any of the renowned models and actress because it is the most flattering style.
  • Round necklines are replaced by deep strapless fancy shirts in formal wearings with both mermaid or flare skirts.

So, this is the preview of the fashion trend of the upcoming spring season 2015 which will be popularized by the celebrities of Hollywood fashion industry.

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