African Batik Poncho Skirts Set Dresses Designs for Women

This long skirt set has free flowing elegant lush hues. This batik poncho is roomy yet faltering to your body shape. It looks good on women having heavy upper torso and thin long legs. This dress is decorated with colorful embroidery on shirts and prints on skirts. Malay for Black Dutchman was brought batik to West Africa in the mid-nineteenth century after serving as indentured soldiers for the Dutch in Indonesia.

African Batik Poncho Skirts Set Dresses for Women

Batik Poncho Skirts Set  African Dresses for Women

 Batik poncho skirts dresses are found in short and long length with different cuts. African batik poncho skirts are very popular out fit in African countries and designers adorn these outfits with outstanding embroidery work. This is a right place where one can find out the African batik poncho skirts set dresses for women with eye catching patterns, so must check out this page.

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