Asymptomatic Bacteriuria and Symptomatic Urinary Tract Infections during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the very crucial moment for women. Pregnancy is very difficult process and too much hard time for all women. Pregnancy causes numerous changes in woman’s body. These changes cause an infection known as urinary tract infection or bacteriuria. Basically the urinary tract is usually sterile and asymptomatic bacteriuria or asymptomatic urinary tract infections is a microbiological diagnosis the isolation of a specified quantitative count of bacteria in a appropriately collected urine specimen obtained from a person without symptoms and caused the urinary infections. Urinary tract infection and bacteriuria is most common bacterial infections during pregnancy. Symptoms of urinary tract infections may be urgency, abdominal pain and flank pain. The bacteriuria is develops in first month of pregnancy and associated with a reduction in concentrating to kidney.


The bacteriuria during pregnancy has a great propensity to progress to pyelonephritits is less than the non pregnant women. This types of diseases in converts another person with attached with you and causes the serious infections. Asymptomatic bacteriuria is absence of UTI sign and symptoms in patient whose urine culture satisfies criteria for UTI. In non pregnant women asymptomatic bacteriuria and UTI rarely causes the serious problems as compare to pregnant women. In pregnant woman’s this infection can progress upward and causes the urethritis, acute cystitis and other infections. It’s a normal or common problems make serious problems and cause the death of new born babies.

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