Athena Alexander Women’s Brice Sandal Delight Benny, Rally

New collection of Athena Alexander Women’s Brice Sandal Delight Benny, Rally shoes is arriving with coming of summer. These four designs of sandals are not launch in one collection but here one can find coupe of design of every style of these sandals. Although every design has individual attraction but it will depend on women choice that which one she likes to wear in summer season. While it will also depends on foot type that which one is fit according to feet face shape. If one sees the nature of usage then these sandals also cover multiple usage, from regular use to any event every type of usage sandals are cover in them. In order to take help to recognize every design a picture gallery is updated here on this page below and some details of every design is also given below.

Athena Alexander Women’s Brice Sandal:

Brice Sandal is too much popular in women soles of this scandal is divide in two parts that is less thin form front and from back side it will greater thin. In this sandal type majority of time sole is in block color and from upper multiple colors are available.

Athena Alexander Women benny Sandal

Athena Alexander Women’s Benny Sandal:

Women’s Benny Sandal of Athena Alexander brand will suitable for event or any function. Basically this is heeled ladies shoes that are not able to wear for casual usage. Wearing of heel is not easy so women look forward to some branded heels shoes that will fulfill in this branded ladies scandals.

Athena Alexander Women’s Rally Sandal:

Design and making of rally is also like brice sandal especially minor difference is find in dimension of sole between both sandals type. Upper designs for both of these sandals is different that differentiate them from one another. This type of sandal is easy to wear for casual as well as for some range of events.

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