Best Drugstore Foundation for Oily African American Skin

Here we share with you Best Drugstore Foundation for Oily African American Skin.As we know everyone wants to be a fair color, but the dark color has naturally attraction. We are looking pretty in every skin color but the major thing is our skin needs care and we should take care our skin to be look better than others, our skin looks must be neat & clean in every type of skin color. But today we suggest about some prescription to African skin. Drugstore beauty products work very well on American African skin tone. African people have a black skin the difference is someone has oily skin and someone has dry skin. Oily skin has different problems especially when you apply makeup on your skin. So firstly treat your skin to make normal your skin. Here we mention some prescription for cure your oily skin.

foundation primer

  • Cleanse your skin with cleanser which would you like to your oily skin and musty use twice a day. Firstly, use cleanser in morning when you wake up and then use in night before you go to your bed. It will be help you to remove your oil on your skin.
  • Use skin toner to neat your skin and balance your PH level.
  • You must take good moisturizers and apply it on your skin; it will be better change for your skin.
  • Use scrub apply it on your skin massage it with politely hands if you do this steps your skin pores becomes neat & clean and you looks like afresh rose.

If you do these steps so you have to chance to get rid of your oily skin…….

Best foundation for African skin:

Remember; always select your foundation according to your skin. Many types of foundations here the choice is your also foundation has two types dry and liquid. It doesn’t matter that which type of foundation you are used.

  1. Beeca ever mate shine proof foundation: This foundation is mixed your skin in very good way, if you mashed it properly on your skin so that it will be look like a natural skin color.
  2. Bobbie brown stick foundation: The major and interesting thing is this foundation has four colors and you can easily match foundation color with your skin color apply it and look like a doll.
  3. Black opal oil free liquied foundation

This foundation often uses black women with oily skin because oil free foundation is best thing. So must try this foundation and find out good result.

  1. MAC studio Scilpt SPF 15 foundation

MAC studio scilpt SPF15 foundation is also one of the best because it also protects your skin from ultra violet rays.

  1. Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation

Rimme lasting finish foundation is also more required able and beautician recommended for African American skin tone.


  1. L’Oreal Souffle foundation

This foundation has recently launched and available at local drugstores. It works smoothly on skin and even it out. I think it would be best suited for those women who already have good skin.

           7.Cover Girl Queen collection All Day Flawless foundation

These foundations are available in different shades which perfectly with black skin tone. So one can choose perfect foundation according to skin tone and found good result.

How to use Foundation:

  1. Firstly make image that how much you looking bright than open it and apply it on your skin spread it properly whole face.
  2. Than with the help of punch rub it properly and mashed it as well as your skin look like a natural skin color.
  3. Then you start your makeup.

I hope you will understand the best foundation for African oily skin and also you will be learn that in which way you get rid of oily skin and how can you apply foundation in best way and look like a doll.

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