Bridal Jewelry Designs suit to Wear with Brides Face Shape

Details about Bridal Jewelry suit to Wear with Brides Face Shape is given there. If you have round face, opt for angular and elongated jewelry items to add length to your face and overcome its heavy look. You can opt for long angled earrings. You can also wear rectangular or square earrings to lessen the roundness of your face. Wear necklace long enough that it ends few inches below the necklace to add definition to your face.

Oval Shape:

If you have oval face shape, you are lucky because you can wear any type of jewelry you want but just avoid long earrings because they will make your face look elongated.

Long Shape:

For long shaped face choose chandelier, circular or rectangular earrings. You can also just wear small studs. Choose choker necklace for long face.

For Brides Face Shape Bridal Jewelry suit to Wear

For Brides Face Shape Bridal Jewelry suit to Wear

Heart Shape:

Chandelier, circular or rectangular earrings look best with heart shaped face. These earrings will help in highlighting your chin. Wear just a chain in neck with any of these earrings.

Diamond Shape:

You should wear small and wide earrings with diamond shape face. Simply studs look great with this face shape. Avoid long and curved earrings. Wear choker necklace to soften and contrast the sharp angle of your chin.

Square Shape:

You can wear any of the curved, angled, circular, dangling earrings with square face but avoid square and rectangular earrings. Wear earrings that make you face look elongated. Necklace that extends below the neckline is great for you.

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