How to Hide Dark Circles under Eyes without Makeup

remove dark circle

People find inconvenient to have dark circles under the eyes. By having this people look older than their age thus this lessens their confidence level. Moreover, dark circles under the eyes mostly look very tired. During childhood dark circles may appear due to inherited behavior. Generally dark circle are caused due to sleep deficiency, oversleeping, … Read more

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on Face due to Acne


Everyone wants a fresh and glowing face thus everyone want freedom form dark marks. Now people of every skin type face the problems of dark marks, pimples and patches. Specially girls lose their self esteem and feel ashamed when go at gathering. Some best ways how to remove the dark spots due to acne problems … Read more

How to Apply Kajal Pencil on Upper Eyelid


Many of the girls do not know how to apply kajal pencil, they do not have this idea that how they can apply this eye pencil on upper eyelid! If you want to know about the easiest method, if you want to have perfection while applying the kajal pencil then read out the below mentioned … Read more