Fashion Trends

Best African Print Dress Designs 2021

Shweshwe print African Dress

Printed dresses are not only popular in African countries but also all over the world. African women wear some specific prints which represent the culture of their country. There are a number of printed dresses available but here we introduce the best African printed dress designs which will be popular …

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Latest Hip Hop Fashion Trends for Men 2018

There are so many latest hip hop fashion trends for men that are coming inside the fashion marketplaces. The fashion trend of hip-hop was quite a lot famous at the time of the era of 1980’s when the teenage boys make the choice of such style of fashion outfits to …

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Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2018

Company Overview: It is known for its Pantone Matching System (PMS), it is a kind of a proprietary color space that has been used in many of the industries, this PMS is also used in the primarily printing, in the paint, fabric, and also in the plastics. Basically at start they are supplier of color …

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Colored Jeans Trend 2018 for Spring Summer

From here girls will be able to have an idea about colored jeans trend 2018 for spring summer. You will be seeing that there has been incredibly diverse range of colors in the jeans section. One has massive choice range when it comes to the fashionable colors of jeans, their …

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Lenzing Color Trends Autumn/Winter 2018

Here Lenzing has been providing you a preliminary look right at the color trends for autumn/winter 2018, you can do that by using Pantone colors from that of FASHION + HOME color system. This black shade will be newly appreciated just as a prestige color, it is this shade that has a …

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