Chicken shashlik by Chef Zubaida Apa

Method to make Chicken shashlik by Chef Zubaida Apa: First of all Flatten chicken cubes with heavy hammer. When all cubes crushed then add in 1 tsp ginger paste, 1 tsp garlic paste, 1 tsp sugar, 1 tbsp white vinegar, salt to taste, oil 2tbsp,curshed red pepper half tbsp and soya sauce for marinate. Take a large frying pan and heat oil add in marinate chicken and fry on low flame .when water dries both sides then remove chicken and put in a pot. Now add some oil in another pan and add vegetables along with soya sauce, vinegar, sugar, salt and black pepper. Fried these vegetables for 3 minutes after this add these vegetables in chicken. Now make a sauce, add in a pan tomato, soya sauce, salt and red pepper. Cook this sauce for few minutes and on the other side boil rice. After this take a wok heat 4 tbsp oil, add in 3 chopped garlic cloves and fry till golden brown. Now add boiled rice and stir fry for few minutes, remove and keep aside. Take a large dish for serving, arrange rice in a corner, put shashlik in the center and top with sauce.

Recipe Ingredients:

  • Chicken bone less(cut into cubes)
  • Garlic tsp
  • White vinegar 1tbsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil 2tbsp
  • Ginger 1tsp
  • Soya sauce1tbsp
  • Sugar 1tsp
  • Red pepper crushed half tsp

Vegetables for shashlik:

  • Tomato 3(cut into pieces)
  • Capsicum 3(cut into pieces)
  • Onion 3(cut into pieces)

Ingredients for shashlik sauce:

  • Red pepper 1tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Soya sauce 1tsp
  • White vinegar 1tbsp
  • Tomato sauce 2tbsp

Required ingredients add in vegetables:

Soya sauce 1tbsp

Sugar half tsp

Black pepper crushed half tbsp

White vinegar 1tbsp

Oil 1tbsp

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