Claddagh Ring How to Wear it the Right Way When Single

Claddagh ring is that type of ring which is traditionally given in Ireland as a taken of love it is the also symbol of love which is mostly found in Irish. As you know some specific things have their own history and through these things we express their feelings.Jewelry in one of them which we can use for this purpose. Many Irish people wear this kind of ring as sign of friendship, sacrifice, love…..and its second name is promise ring. This is creation of Irish women that she is given claddagh ring to her lover its look like a two small hands holding a crowned heart. This ring is the most precious type of jewelry over recoded in the history and there is the also significance of love it’s created to go back to 300 years. It is the Irish term do you know the small fishing village in Ireland there was started a tradition of the claddagh ring first. The word of claddagh comes after cladach which means flatty stone shore and in Irish it is mostly used in the as well as weeding or engagement ring the people of Irish thinks that it make strong our relation and also said it is the perfect finishing and the major thing is which I would like to tell you that type of ring is wore on the wright hand which is pointing toward your heart.

claddagh ring when engaged

How to wear claddagh ring:

First method of wearing claddagh ring:

The major thing is you must wear that ring in your right hand rather than your left hand but firstly you must need the person that you have gone married.

Second method of wearing claddagh ring:

In the second method the heart shape should be point towards the end of your finger, rater than into the center of your hand and the crown should point inward. Choose one finger on your right hand and put the ring in the third one finger that’s finger attach with your heart and also shows the love.

Third method of wearing claddagh ring:

If you show anyone that you are single than wear the ring on the right hand with the heart shape facing outward from your body.

Forth method of wearing claddagh ring:

Wear the ring on the right hand with the heart facing inwards. Claddagh ring make special your events and celebration you send the gift of your friends or relatives to make her or his celebration unique and special.

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