Fashion weeks in Pakistan 2022 and their influence on Fashion Industry

Pakistan fashion week is a plat form that tends to promotes Pakistani seasoned fashion as well as aspiring talent of the fashion designers. It endeavors to display the Pakistani fashion trends to not only the domestic but also the international public. It is a huge profile fashion trade event of its type. The fashion week of 2022 was held in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. It provides a golden chance to all top designers of Pakistan to present their designed collection on such a large scale.

From the past few years, educated and well trained people have joined the field of fashion designing in Pakistan which has opened a new dynamic world of talented and aspiring fashion in this country. Not only the elite but also the general public has know how and access to all the up coming fashion trends in Pakistan. Media has also played an important role in this regard. It highlights and give exposure to the fashion industry which add to the awareness of general public.

Some of the main stream fashion designers of our country, who get the lime light in the fashion weeks of Pakistan are: Arsalan and Yasheer, Ayesha Ibrahim, Kayseria, Obaid sheikh, Rizwanullah, Ishtiaq Afzal Khan, Sania Maskatiya, Gul Ahmad, Sana Safinaz and many more. These designers with their exclusive, unique and creative designs, come up with their collections every year they add newness and freshness to the work. They do experiment with different patterns, fabrics, colors, embroideries and styles. These collections are beautifully carried by the top models of Pakistan.

The fashion week of 2022 has been described as “devilishly dynamic the darling of designer whose textures and tones intoxicates” the chairperson of fashion Pakistan Shamaeel Ansari was the chief guest in the event. This show revealed the collection which was rich in elegance and sophistication with the use of fine silks, crushed velvet, marble prints, classic floral patterns, stylish and multi layered outfits

Fashion weeks in Pakistan 2022 and their influence on Fashion Industry

The fashion weeks of the Pakistan have very positive impact on the growth of fashion Industry of Pakistan. Such maga events are the best source of encouragement and acknowledgment for the fashion industry. They enhance and glamorized the fashion world. Supported and encouraged by the fashion shows, the fashion industry of Pakistan will rapidly flourish and will surly reach the pedestal of fame and glory.

Given the previous record of the stunning fashion weeks in Pakistan, it is also anticipated that the fashion Collection of 2022 will surly exceed all the past records.

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