Frankie Sandford Eye Makeup

Complete tutorial of Frankie Sandford Eye Makeup color tips how to do with pictures and the products that she use for doing makeup is cove at one place. Frankie Sandford Eye makeup is one of the excellent makeups in the world. There are a lot of people in the world too much likes this makeup. Everyone in the world want to be wear latest fashion and design and advance styles related to beauty. Frankie Sandford is always provides the best tips for the beauty and fashion because every woman in the world likes too much in the world. Frankie is an artist and there are a lot of women inspired from her due to their latest beauty tips related to makeup which makes their personality very effective. Frankie makeup becomes women eye so beautiful and pretty. This eye makeup provides the different looks for eyes which perfectly matched with their face beauty and expression. Women can go to wear this make every where they want to go with confidence and this make up provides different eye makeup for the different places and events. There are a lot of standard and other products used for this eye makeup which having a lot of features and quality based products which are including

Products that she Use:

  • Mac Vanilla High lighter
  • Mac eye kohl smolder eye liner
  • Mac smut eye shadow
  • Mac show off brow gel
  • Eye-KO skinny liquid eye liner
  • Bobbi brown burnished cream eye shadow
  • Bobbi brown barley brown bronzer
  • Bobbi brown tinted eye brightener in dark peach
  • Bobbi brown browny pink lip colors
  • Estee lauder double wear light foundation-4
  • Estee queen double wear light foundation-6
  • Estee lauder ultra gloss in tan
  • Ey-lure naturalites false eyelashes
  • Queen attitude mascara bourjois

frankie sandford eye Color


These products are used very carefully because there is a lot of women whose don’t know how to use and wear this makeup which makes their beauty impressive and different from others. They asked about how to do use this make efficiently. Frankie Sandford eye makeup are including

  • First apply the foundation with the help of brushes and before using the foundation must use primer on their skin and use the foundation 4 on their face outward side.
  • Then apply the foundation 6 on their cheeks in round or c shape and used effectively on their forehead and skin.
  • Apply the bronze under their skin for increase beauty purpose.
  • Apply Mac highlighter with the help of brush on the top of their cheek and below the eyes.
  • Bobbi brown tinted eye brightener is used under their eyes for dark color provides their eyes.
  • Apply liquid eye liner to crate the flick outer corner of the eyes and apply upper eyelashes.
  • Apply this bobby brown eye shadow across their eye lid and also on the upper lash line.
  • Apply the mascara on the lashes to increase the beauty of their eyes.
  • Apply the false eyelashes on the lash line to make their eyes pretty.
  • Apply the brow gel on the eyebrows according to the face expressions.
  • Apply the lips gloss and lipstick on their lips perfectly matched with their eye makeup.

This is short intro of Frankie Sandford Eye Makeup tutorial that cover major makeup and after this its also easy to wear makeup like Frankie Sandford.

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