Givenchy Bags Collection Antigona Lucrezia Obsedia Leather Price Range

This is best place from where one can find Givenchy Bags Collection Lucrezia Antigona Obsedia Leather Price Range. This price range will vary for these collections that will clear from price list. These collections will cover wide range of designs that are different according to usage purpose. Every of this collection has multiple designs that are different and attractive from one another. In manufacturing of these bags they are different from each other. Just like couple of bags are made up of leather that are further divide in medium, printed, sugar, grainy, matte. While according to usage shoulders length is also different for various bags. In manufacturing some of these are made of textured tote, sugar tote that are little bit different from leather manufacturing. This manufacturing material is available in every collection. Despite these whole things every women has own choice and select only favorite one according to choice.

Leather Antigona Lucrezia Obsedia Collection Givenchy Bags

Bags Collection Antigona Givenchy

Price Range: Price range of these bags are start from 800£ to 2000£.

Price Range: In dollars price range of these bags is 900$ to 3000$.

Antigona medium leather tote

Price: £1,365.00

Antigona small textured tote

Price: £1,280.00

Lucrezia mini grainy leather tote

Price: £1,260.00

Mini matte leather tote

Price: £1,190.00

Antigona small grainy leather tote

Price: £1,260.00

Lucrezia Sandy small bowling bag

Price: £1,225.00

Obsedia leather cross-body bag


Shark leather pouch

Price: £640.00

Obsedia cross-body bag

Price: £875.00

Lucrezia Sandy small leather bowling bag

Price: £1,225.00

Lucrezia sandy medium bowling bag

Price: £1,365.00

 Givenchy is a brand that will work from 1952 and manufacture maximum products of women and men usage. They always focus on their quality and designs and with passage of time they improve them. Every time they give something extra ordinary in their latest collections. Moving towards the bags then now some now new designs are given. So one must visit this page and check new designs and their price range.

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