Givenchy Pandora Nightingale Bag Collection with Prices

Do you want to find Givenchy Pandora nightingale Bag Collection with Prices details then this is best place where whole details about both of these Pandora nightingale bag collections are available. Givenchy is most favorite brand for men and women that cover too many products, among these bags are too much popular. They are unique in designs, have attractive colors and most important quality wise they are just perfect. Due to these whole things women prefer to carry bags of this brand. Moving towards the access of these brand then Givenchy is not a brand that will found in any specific country. In any part of world one can get its products. In majority of countries its outlet are working and in reaming countries they deal with such big stores where these bags are available. So it’s not a big issue regards availability of these bags collection.

Bag Collection Givenchy Pandora Nightingale

Bag Collection Givenchy Pandora NightingalePandora washed leather satchel

Price: £1,090.00

Pandora leather pouch

Price: £350.00

Pandora sugar leather satchel

Price: £1,135.00

Nightingale mini grainy leather shoulder bag

Price: £860.00

Pandora flower satchel

Price: £1,310.00

Nightingale small shoulder bag

Price: £1,260.00

Nightingale floral shoulder bag

Price: £1,580.00

Pandora floral camo pouch bag


Pandora grainy leather pouch

Price: £315.00

Micro Nightingale Zanzi tote

Price: £860.00

Pandora grainy leather pouch

Price: £315.00

Pandora cross-body box bag

Price: £1,205.00

Pandora mini box cross body bag

Price: £910.00

Nightingale medium leather tote

Price: £1,135.00

In case if one face some difficulties then online option is also available. Now majority of online portals has bags of this brad to so one can book favorite design online and get it at your doorstep. Moving towards most important thing of any product that is it’s. Them from here one can get idea about price range that will vary according to design and quality. Further here we give prices of some bags that must help one to make idea about price list.

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