Gujrati / Marathi Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss (1200 Calorie)

All men and women are waiting for a diet that helps them to makes fit and healthy. Gujrati / Marathi Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss (1200 calorie) is best to use because the person that use it get best result for fitness and weight lose. Gujarati food is quite healthy because in these food uses a large amount of fresh vegetables. If one can loss weight you can use Gujarati food diet plan for yourself and this diet plan will keep you healthy and fit. If you want to loss weight properly you should follow the healthy diet plan and diet plan are not mean for the purpose of taking in fewer calories but also intake all nutrition’s .There are various types of diet plan which people follow but here we share with most effective diet plan which make your body fit and smart. The Guajarati food diet plan is one of the beast weight loose plans and here we mention below.

Gujrati / Marathi Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss (1200 Calorie):


  • Skimmed milk i glass
  • Chapatti 2
  • Tomato veg 1 bowl
  • Mid morning
  • Fruit salad 1 bowl


  • Salads 1 bowl
  • Methi Thepla 3
  • Tmato veg 1 bowl


  • Butter milk 1 glass
  • Sprout chat 1 bowl
  • Dinner
  • Salads 1 bowl
  • Veg dailya 1
  • Veg soup 1 bowl

Gujrati / Marathi Indian Diet Plan

So follow this diet plan and reduce weight in a healthy way. This diet plan designed keeping in mind the person individual requirements. Every person has different requirement of calories and based on different factors like age, sex, medicial conditions, activity levels, metabolism etc. Loose weight is a healthy sign and through this you can protect your body from different diseases which start due to over weight. This diet plan is an ideal to loose weight with any side effect’s keep in touch with this page if you want to reduce weight in a healthy way.

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