Homemade Beauty Tips for Brides before Marriage

Wedding season is on and brides want to make their skin fair and glowing. So for this purpose they use different remedies to make their skin perfect for the wedding day. Here we share with you Homemade Beauty Tips for Brides before Marriage. Wedding is a great ceremony especially for brides and on their especial day she has deeply desire t look like a princes because every body stop their eyes on bride. There are different remedies which use brides before their wedding and these remedies not use in these days but also popular today. Don’t use harsh chemical base cosmetics before your wedding because it damage your skin and for the prevention of skin you have not enough time, so avoid it.

  • Some effective homemade beauty remedies for fair and glowing skin naturally because natural ingredients don’t damage your skin. In the past old women also use natural herbs for bride’s beauty and in this time period these remedies again use brides.

Our skin required more attention and care because skin is sensitive organ. Bridal season is on all over the world and brides would be filled up with dreams, excitement, hopes and aspirations. In fact these things give an extra glow and one can see this glow on the face of wedding bride. Brides also increase their beauty near their wedding and also change their eating habits.

Homemade Beauty Tips for Brides before Marriage

Important tip for brides before marriage

Eat balance diet

Before you marriage eat balance diet and don’t going on dieting because dieting make your skin rough and dry and also leave off the glow. Most of brides want to look slim before their 1 month of wedding but this is not possible. If they want to look smart then they care their health before the 1 year of their marriage. So always eat good diet include with seasonal fruits because fruits contain a lot of vitamins and minerals which give your skin glow.

Water intake

  • Water is also play a vital role in the boost up your skin tone and drinks plenty of water every day.

Sleep well

A healthy body required 8 hours sleep and if we do not make sure this thing in the end we suffer from dark circles under eyes near their wedding ceremony.


  • Doing some simple exercise because exercise keeps you fit and smart and through this your blood circulation very fast and give extra glow. You can do simple walking and then increase some other steps.

Cleansing and exfoliation

Beside these cleansing is must for you before going to bed and in the morning. One can also use scrub because  it remove dead skin cells and create new cells and make a fair look.

Homemade beauty remedies for brides

  • Turmeric and lemon remedy

Gram flour, turmeric, lemon juice and milk equal quantity and make a paste. Apply this mixture on face and massage very gently for 5 minutes then leave it for 20 minutes until dry.

  • Turmeric face pack

Take gram flour 1 tbsp, turmeric one pinch, milk as required. Mix all ingredients and apply on face then gently massage for 5 minutes then leave it for 20 minutes.

  • Yogurt and Dried grind orange peel

Dried orange peel 1tbsp, fresh yogurt 2 tbsp, mix all ingredients well and apply on face then massage for 5 minutes then leave it for 30 minutes, after this wash off with water.

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