Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry for Men

Body piercing has been a trend and fashion according to the western culture that is why we are here to give you Horizontal eyebrow piercing jewelry for men so that they can easily get to know the latest thing to make their piercing attractive. Eyebrow piercing is a vertical surface piercing in which 12 to 18 gauge cannula needle are inserted through the bottom of the eyebrow and these needles will exit from the top of your eyebrow in which you can insert any jewelry of ring type something. All the expert who do piercing may use a Pennington clamp to better guide the needle through this skin because this is so risky to insert needles to the closest area of eye. All the youngster and the person of all ages who practice the Eyebrow piercing use a curved barbell which is being inserted as the most common jewelry in the eyebrows. In start there were few people who use to do that but in this Era it has gained too much popularity and turned as the fashion form. Not only men but Eyebrow piercing is being practiced by the women of 21st century as well. Not only eyebrow piercing there are some people who use a piercing of underneath the eye which is too dangerous and considered as one of the most extreme piercing called anti eyebrow piercing in which a horizontal piercing of the eyebrow is known as horizontal eyebrow piercing.

Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry for Men

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Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry:

Mostly people use Barbells, and captive bead ring but we are going to let you know some unique jewelries for eyebrow piercing. There are three types of barbells including circular barbells, straight barbells and curved barbells but most common and in fashion are curved barbells. There are also some eyebrow rings with different colors and different shapes you can get pictures of them through this pag they must be helpful for you. Above this paragraph we have given you some pictures to get idea if you want to know about the horizontal eyebrow jewelry. You can get a galleries of horizontal eyebrow piercing pictures and the healing time of eyebrow piercing is 6 to 8 weeks.

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