How to Coordinating Makeup Colors with Shadow, Blush, Lipstick

Sometimes when you are applying makeup of the cosmetic products that are your favorite but your complete look after make up seems to be clownish and overdone. Have you ever wondered that what it is that makes someone look overly done and someone look stunning and beautiful? They might are wearing the same foundation, eye shadow and same lipstick. If you look at each element individually, neither of them would be too much. So why it is so that some women look messy and a bit ugly on the other hand some look ethical and completely polished. It is actually the coordination of all the individual elements that matters which can either enhance and highlight your features and beauty or can totally throw off your look and mars your beauty. Here are the rules to co ordinate your make up.

How to Coordinating Makeup Colors with Shadow, Blush, Lipstick

Coordinate Make up with Shadow

How to Coordinating Makeup Colors with Shadow, Blush, Lipstick are given there..

  • Apply choose the blush that matches your lipstick. Most women apply light or natural blush with bright lipstick which give a warm look. You must have to choose blush of the color family of lipstick which will enhance your make up. It means use pinkish red blush with red lipstick, light pink blush with shocking pink lipstick, an earthy blush with nude lipstick and so on.
  • Do not apply the exactly same color of make up as your dress. Use the color which is least highlighted in your dress. If you are wearing red dress, it does not mean that you have to use the bright red shade in every element of make up that will make you a big fun and it does not appeal to the eyes of the viewer. So, for bright color outfits, wear softer tones of make up and vice versa.
  • The colors that are opposite in color wheel compliments each other. You should have the knowledge of color wheel which will help you in selecting the eye shadows according to your eyes. Purple looks stunning on green eyes. Copper looks nice on blue eyes and so on.
  • Coordinating the eye make up with lipstick and blush is much easier than vice versa because while you are experimenting with eye shadows, you have a limited range of colors for lips. So, always do lips and checks first and than choose the color for eyes according to the lipstick and blush.
  • Do not have more than two contrasting colors on your face because that is enough. Choose the combination of colors before starting the make up, that you think suit your face.
  • Warm and cool color tones, if contrast together on a face looks fabulous. Warm colors (red, orange, yellow, browns etc) of lipstick look stunning with cool color (purple, green, blue, pink) of eye shadow.

Following these rules will help you in wearing the coordinated and balanced make up of your choice.

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