How to Do Lana Del Rey Cat Eye Makeup

How to Do Lana Del Rey Cat Eye Makeup is important for all those that want to look like here. This world is full of love and beauty. There are a lot of girls whose makes the different with their beauty and styles and looks different from their friends and audience. Women want to become most beautiful with their dresses, makeup and other a lot of fashions. They wear different types of makeup and get ups to achieve the beauty likes Lana Del Rey but cannot achieve this goal efficiently. Women wear this eye makeup for someone special and for special events. Lana del rey eye makeupis one of the best and unique eye makeups. Through these types of makeup women makes different eye styles like cat eyes, fake eyelashes and other eye makeup. This makeup provides to women killer eye look and women looks like celebrities. Beautiful Lana always brings with the different and unique makeup and women too much loves with this fashion designer. This eye makeup also provides the classical look which is very necessary for the flirty eye makeup.

lana del rey makeup tutorial

This makeup for eyes is the right choice of every woman. Because there are a lot of women whose want to wear latest and different fashion and style which gives through this eye makeup. Lena Del Rey eye makeup tutorial eyelashes eye line which are including

  • Apply the light and soft base on their upper eye lid.
  • Apply the glimmer stick eye liner in different look and draw the short crease on their eye lid.
  • Apply the eyeliner with carefully on the eyelashes and draw different line with the help of liner.
  • Apply eye shadow round side with the help of brush.
  • Use light brown color or gray color upper their eyelashes.
  • One can apply the water eye liner below the lash liner.
  • Bring black pencil eyeliner on the top of the lash liner.

These tips must help one to get that how to do Lana Del Rey cat eye makeup with step by step tutorial and picture. One can get positive result if follow these tips.

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