How to Get Rid of Heat Rash Under Breasts

Things that are effective to get rid of Heat Rash under Breasts also prevent from the sweat rash. There are so many problems and issues which faces the women in their lives. The heat rash under breasts is one of them and it is common for all women. Almost every woman who lives in hot countries knows what it is to get a heat rash under breast. Heat rash is also referred to as prickle heat and it can also defined as red, itchy, red bumps that often given rise to severe burning sensations. Heat rash is a common occur in hot and humid weather conditions and may erupt in various parts of body. Mostly blisters may also appear under the breast areas.

  • Usually rash under breast develop when the lower part of the breast rest on the chest and the skin on the chest traps moisture and perspiration and these part become inflectionally part. Many women tend to get heat rash under breasts and it is feeling uncomfortable and painful and embarrassing.

Yes, heat rash under breast is common in those women whose are diabetic, larger pendulous breast, over weight and during pregnancy. There are other common causes of heat rash under breast including excessive sweating, heat, fungus, bacteria’s, allergy wearing fitting bra, rub the breast, due to dry skin and breast cancer. There are so many methods to get rid of the heat rash under breast.

heat rash

Useful things to Get Rid of Heat Rash Under Breasts:

  • Apply the ice packet to the areas under breast.
  • Use cotton cloth under affected areas.

Use powder under your breast.

  • Wear lose fitting bra especially sleeping time.
  • Apply garlic paste on the heat rash under breast.

For this problem oil of tea tree is also effected remedies use it on effective area.

  • Clean that place with water and soap and after that dry it.
  • Apply mixture of lemon juice and water on heat rash under breast.

Manage your diet.

  • Yoghourt is also very effective against heat rash and use daily with meal.

Use mixture of vinegar and water to get rid of heat rash. Or hydrocortisone cream is best to get rid of heat rash under breast. Furthermore, one can use calamine lotion to get rid of heat rash in easy way.

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