How to Get Rid of Jock Itch Smell

All men and women that face jock itch smell must want to get rid from it. Jock itch is a common problem in men women and mostly occurs in athletes men. But it’s not mean to say that other person cannot be affected by the jock itch. It can also affect to anyone. Jock itch is caused by a fungus and mostly fungi commonly grown on or in the top layer of skin. The fungi are living in your skin naturally and affected on your skin. It’s mostly occurs in moist areas of the body such as the inner thighs, buttocks and groin and it’s also caused the dirty and ineffective smell. The main cause of jock itch is the moisture, humidity and friction. The jock itch is can be developed due to many caused including a lot of sweating, hot weather, wearing tight clothes, sharing clothes with others, wearing tight underwear and also including overweight. The symptoms of the Jock itch is like red areas of the affected skin, itching, burning, scaling, flaking and rashes appear on the skin. Jock itch is a secret problem and don’t share with each other. Jock itch is not a serious issue now a days and don’t worry about that and it’s very easy to tackle such types of itch and its dirty smell in advance age. There are so many methods to get rid of jock itch smell.

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  • Use antibacterial soap to get rid of jock itch smell.
  • Use antifungal cream twice a day.
  • Take bath with salt and water and clean your affected area.
  • Wash your affected area with apple cider vinegar with the help of cotton.
  • Use tea tree oil on affected area to get rid of jock itch smell.
  • Apply mixture paste of onion and water on affected area to get rid of the jock itch.
  • Apply the mixture paste of garlic and olive oil on affected area.
  • Use mixture of garlic and honey to get rid of jock itch smell.
  • Keep your skin clean and dry.
  • Wear lose fitting cloths.
  • Chang your clothes daily.

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