How to Keep Your Lipstick from Coming off While Eating Drinking

There are so many women who have question in mind that how to keep your lipstick permanent as in this way it will not clear off at the time of eating drinking. Lipstick is one of the most important makeup items that even act as the protective sheet for the lips and give them with flawless and attractive appearance. Getting the lipstick for long time is not impossible at all and we will be solving up with this query with this post.

Below we will be detailing out some tips that are helpful to learn that how to keep your lipstick aware from coming off while eating and drinking:

Best Tips For How To Keep Your Lipstick From Coming Off While Eating Drinking:

Apply From Smooth Surface: In the beginning just make sure that you apply the lipstick from the smooth surface right from the portion of buffing your lips in the company of a warm wash cloth, toothbrush or with a lip balm that is all made with exfoliating granules. You can also come up together sugar in the midst of honey and rub it on top of your lips to silky them. As you are done with the exfoliation just blots your lips and then applies lip balm and come to an end with the means of a thin layer of foundation.

eat in lipstick

Choose Best Foundation: In the next just make sure that you have made the use of choosing with right foundation. It is to be stated that matte lipsticks hang about on longer than glossy or creamy formulas. In the same way liquid lipsticks often tend to stay longer as well and don’t even come off at the time of eating and drinking.

Apply Lip Line Liner: In the next it is advisable to note that you will be lining the lips with a liner that simply matches your lipstick color. Just fill up the lips with the means of lipstick that is all applied straight from the tube. Bright, dark shades have a tendency to stay on top of longer than softer ones.

Use Dusting Powder For Finishing: In the end of how to keep your lipstick long time make the use of dusting powder for giving away the finishing touch. This will be helpful as it will give the lips with smooth appearance for little time.

Follow these helpful best methods now and feel your lipstick on lips even after eating and drinking!

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