How to Stop Smoking Fast; Quit Smoking Tips

Smoking is very harmful for human health. It not only effects the smokers health but also the people living with him. It can become the cause of many life taking diseases, the worst of which is lung cancer. Almost all the smokers who has been badly caught in this habit knows these damages. It is quite alarming that to smoke has become a fashion trend in youth. They just begin to smoke for the sake of fun and adventure and eventually end up as chain smokers.

Like all the other habits, it is really tough to quit smoking at once. Many people try hard to quit it but fail which is quite normal. Here we have shared some most important tips which will definitely work in help the smokers to quit this habit for good.

  • The first and fore most steps is your decision. You have to clearly decide in your head that you really want to quit smoking. Don’t get confused. Take a firm decision and psychologically try to make yourself strong enough to stick to the decision. Commitment with youself is very important.
  • Once you decide then it is necessary to know the purpose, a strong reason which is forcing you to get rid of this habit. The stronger the reason is, the more you get motivated. You can think of your family or your own health which should be your first priority.
  • Remind yourself of your decision and its reason; every time you feel that you are getting weak. You can write it down and paste in on your door. Tell your friends and family that you are quitting. They will surely help you out and will prove a strong support system.
  • Now whenever you feel a strong urge to smoke, your mind will play tricks with you. It begins to give you logic that one cigarette wont hurt. But you have to be firm in those weak moments. Don’t give in. commit your self that you are determined that you will not take even a single puff. Don’t let yourself to become a fool because a single puff will  always lead to a recession.
  • You can join some online forum for quitting smoking. It will give you the feeling that you are not alone in this battle against smoking. Whenever you are miserable you can go online and you will get to know the condition of others who are going through the same trauma. It will give you strength and help you out.
  • You can set a reward for yourself which will motivate you.
  • You can replace your negative habit with a positive one. If you know that you can reduce your stress with a cigarette, when ever you get stressed immediately try some healthy things to get out of it such as deep breathing, eating some gum or candy and even try some fresh fruits and vegetables. You can call your friend and share your problem. It will give you moral support.
  • The difficult time is the first few days of quitting. If you have successfully passed those days it means that you have almost won the battle because you have passed the nicotine withdrawal stage. Now it’s all mental and psychological. As time passes things become easier.
  • Courage and hope are the key notes in this process of quitting. If for once, you fail, it never means that you are a failure. You can gather your courage and start a new beginning. In the end, you will certainly succeed this battle against this habit of smoking. Figure out your obstacles in way of success and try to overcome them in next quit. Give yourself some time to plan again and commit fully to it with positive thinking and more energy GO FOR IT…

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