Ideas for Diwali Celebration in School

Yes, Diwali is a festival of light which is celebrated on different places but here we share with you the Ideas for Diwali Celebration in School. These celebration in a school is a common idea but with the passage of time this idea regenerate and create new ideas. If a child celebrate diwali in a school you can see a big change because your child feel something special when he doing preparation for the celebration of dewali .During this festival his confidence build up and he know more about their culture and religious.

  • Through this little children aware of their culture and know what they do on diwali and learn a lesson about exchange the gifts and sweets to their friends. Kids enjoy all this fun with happiness and create new ideas.

Ideas for Diwali Celebration in School

There are many ideas for celebrating the diwali in a school but here we discuss with most important thing which you do on that day.

Ideas for Diwali Celebration in School

Dress up in traditional way

Important things on this beautiful event dress up in their traditional dress which exposes your inner happiness. Teacher is responsible to tells children about the diwali festival and their Indian culture.

Teacher lesson about preparation

On this festival teach ask the children especially to girls how to wear such a dress and other accessories. They explain kids that this is a festival of goodness over the evil and explain with pitchers and encourage the children to make clay lamps with their hands. After this call all children at one place for crackers burns because this thing is the most favorite for children and they enjoy very much.

Make greeting cards

This is a teacher responsible that doing a healthy competition among the children for making greeting cards for one an other. At the end give then some prizes to the best making greeting card.


Tells children about the rangoli and make in front of their beautiful rangoli then encourage them to make same rangoli .This is a good thing to and children satisfied from their teachers.

Diwali charts

This is a best event to increase the ability of some thing doing with their hands and teacher asks the children making diwali charts for their classrooms. So this is a right place where one can collect their own favorite ideas to celebrate diwali in school.

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