Indian Bridal Mehndi Designs 2018

Menhdi is a significant traditional feature for women with which they decorate their hands to look beautiful. Mehndi has been used for this purpose since ages. Indian women make beautiful and delicate designs with cone mehndi on their special religious wedding occasions. It is considered to be a symbol of freshness and happiness. It makes a girl’s hand look more beautiful and attention-grabbing. In past, there were not such delicate designs of mehndi. Women used to crush henna leaves and make a thick paste by mixing it with water. They apply a thick layer of this paste on hands and feet and let it dry. It was considered to be an essential thing for brides. But now a day’s specially trained persons professionally come and make intricate designs on the hands of Indian brides. Glitters and small diamonties are also used to paste on the bride’s hand to enhance the mehndi design.

Indian Bridal Mehndi Designs 2018

Indian Bridal Mehndi Designs 2014

As we know that the wedding season is its peak these days so here we have some of the stunning Indian bridal mehndi designs 2018.These designs are both on hand and feet.Mehndi is an essential part of a bride beauty and without it, they consider herself incomplete.There are a lot number of mehndi designs associated with various names.

In all the latest Indian Bridal mehndi designs, we have a variety of patterns and stylish such as floral, peacock, carries, thick or delicate designs etc. The famous types of bridal mehndi are Iranian and Arabic. These designs look more attractive with the beautification of shading in motifs and on fingers. Brides mostly like thick and heavy mehndi on hands and arms. These floral and linear pattern designs are fabulous and eye-catching. Glitter adds shine to these designs.

So, all the Indian brides out there who are anticipating their wedding in the year 2018 choose your favorite design for your wedding and make your hands look adorable for their beauty.

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