Kente Kaftan Dresses Designs with Scarf

You can get African signature look with Kante Kaftaan because it is number one African Design. It is embellished with embroidery and classy African prints with a matching head wrap. This dress defines a unique African look close to its old culture and tradition. You can also have Kente look in an umbrella long frock with same patterns and designs. Kente Kaftan styles of dresses are worn not only African women but also men as casual and working place. Kente Kaftan is a loose shape dresses and this is a perfect choice3 of over weight personal because it hide your over weight beautifully.

Kente Kaftan Dresses Designs with Scarf

Kente Scarf with Kaftan Dresses DesignsKente Kaftan Dresses Designs with Scarf are given there..

Kente Scarf with Kaftan Dresses Designs

In West Africa, a kaftan or caftan is a pull-over woman’s robe and in French this robe is called a boubou, pronounced boo-boo. The boubou is a traditional women wear piece of cloth in different West African countries such as Senegal, Mali, and Ghana. The kaftan is always worn with a headscarf or head tie. During a wedding ceremony, the bride’s kaftan is the same color as the groom’s dashiki. The kaftan or boubou is worn at different occasion just like weddings; funerals; graduations; and Kwanzaa celebrations. This is a right place where one can find out the Kente Kaftan dresses designs with scarf with out standing designs and cuts.

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