Kim Kardashian Smokey Eye Makeup Tips How to Tutorial

How to do Kim Kardashian Smokey Eye Makeup Tips complete tutorial step by step to style like Kim eyes. Everyone in the world is looks like celebrities and everyone become great personality. Mostly women in the world which are very crazy and very conscious about their beauty and mostly women are trying to famous in the field of fashion and beauty. They are learning method according to the lasts and newly fashion and makeup’s. Similarly Kim Kardashian in one of those women whose are making a lot of effort in the field of fashion and beauty and becomes too much popular in the world. Basically Kim is born in Los Angeles California, America and too much famous due to their hard work in the field of fashion designer, businesswomen, actress, and social media personality in American television and in the field of socialist. Kim’s ayes makeup look is one that is desired by women and too much crease among women in all over the world. Kim has the most beautiful eyes with and without makeup in the world. Every woman in the world wants to Kim eyes makeup and need some tips of makeup for eyes makeup. Kim’s has beautiful eyes and she knows how stand the makeup and which color are suitable for them and looks best among the women in the world. Kim sexy and Smokey eyes makeup look that is inspired a number of women in the world. There is no need to be worry about her Smokey eyes and every woman can make and achieve this type of makeup eyes. There are a lot of tips which can make you celebrity. You can pay some extra attention and effort to achieve your purpose. You use this tips then you are looking good personality and achieve Smokey eyes.

kim kardashian baby doll eye makeup

Kim Kardashian Smokey Eye Makeup Tips:

These tips are including

  • Use the bare canvas from MAC paint and use the best brush for their pretty eyes
  • You apply the darkest color first time in the corner
  • Don’t apply dark color all over the lid for this type of look
  • Keep blending the dark color shadow in the crease with your brush
  • Use black eye liner and apply on the inside rim of eyes
  • Apply eye liner on the bottom under the lash
  • Apply MAC naked loose powder in the inner corner of the eyes
  • Use eyeliner as the shadow for top line with an angle brush
  • Fill the brows according to their need and use an angle brush
  • If you have long black curly eyes then you use mascara

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