LCN Sweet Serenity Collection

A new makeup collection of LCN that is launch with the name of Sweet Serenity will consist of all type of cosmetics makeup. The world is full of celebrities and other a lot of greatest personalities and those personalities are too much loves with fashions, design and styles. In the world there is a lot of fashion, designs and other collection which makes the human personality well especially for women. Women in the world wants to looks very effective and efficient among others and they can do each and every thing for their beauty and fashion. Women ask about the best fashion, dresses, makeup and other collection which is suit and perfectly matching for their skin tone. There is a lot of collection in the world but LCN sweet serenity collection is the excellent collection in the world. These collections are too much popular among the women in the world. These collections are having a lot of features due to this every woman inspired by this collection. LCN sweet serenity collection is looking very graceful for women especially bridle and having a different look which perfectly matched with their personality.

These collections are including nails and foot cosmetics, makeup, fragrance and other a lot of collection in different color schemes and other quality products in different technologies. LCN collection always brings the latest and quality product which is very helpful to increase their personality and have a unique look among audience.

LCN All Over Pencil 'Frosted Kiss'

There are a lot of LCN sweet serenity collection related to women makeup and these collections are including

  • Special Mono eye shadow – spotlight
  • Lips stick – absolute devotion
  • Lips gloss with frosted kiss and pucker up
  • Sweet serenity nail polish with delicious me, sweet serenity, tender lace
  • All over pencil with frosted kiss
  • Glam blush with soft peaches

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