Maria B Lawn Collection 2021 Price Catalogue Prints

Now latest Catalogue prints of Maria B Lawn Collection 2021 by Reshma Tex will available in market with details of price lists. These lawn dresses are available in new prints with marvelous new designs in lawn dresses for spring summer season. So this is breaking news for all women and girls that are still waiting for new lawn prints. Maria B is a designer that is famous in whole world. She is not such designer that famous is any particular region so this thing extra burden on whole designer team. A miner fault in any dress raise lot of questions on collection that also effects on brand. Here another important thing is that this time this latest collection is launched at same time in whole world and now many new franchises are also open in many countries. Although before this dresses are also available online or on few other big stores but now through opening stores buyers has greater chance to select best design from their outlet. Further here some pictures of these lawn dresses of Maria B Lawn will available from Catalogue. These pictures must help one to select right print and price of dresses are also updated here on this page below.

Maria B Lawn Collection 2021

Catalogue Maria B Lawn Collection 2021 Prints



Price Range of Lawn Dresses:

Maria B Lawn 2021 – Price Rs. 4,950

Maria B Lawn 2021 – Price Rs. 5,250

Maria B Lawn 2021 – Price Rs. 5,450

Maria B Lawn 2021 – Price Rs. 5,650

Maria B Lawn 2021 – Price Rs. 5,750

Maria B Lawn 2021 – PKR 7,150.00

Maria B Lawn 2021 – PKR 6,950.00

Maria B Lawn 2021 – PKR 6,450.00

Moving towards the colors scheme then this time huge number of new colors are added in this summer collection. While some color matching is also try in this collection for 2 and 3 piece lawn dresses. This time matching of light colors with dark one makes them more beautiful. While this time number of stitched suits are equal to UN stitched suits. Through this those chance of right selection will increase and those who has best fitting choose stitched dress and get rid of stitching. Further one also must visit Maria B nearest outlet or see prints pictures of lawn dresses from Catalogue or visit  to make better idea about this latest collection.

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