Missoni Zig Zag Viscose Cotton Knit Turban

A turban is a piece of headwear use for the protection of hair from sun rays, dirt and especially uses cancer patients. Here we share with you Missoni Zig Zag Viscose Cotton Knit Turban.Turban consider a tradition and religious symbol of Sikh headwear .Turban is wear in middle east and southeast Asia .Some people wear turbans as fashion statements and in western countries cancer patients wear soft turbans,so that their scalp remain warm and comfortable. But turbans know around the world with also other names such as pagri, dastar ,tagelmust, imamah ,dulband and tulbent. There are several ways of wrap a turbans around their heads and people wrap turbans as social class or religious beliefs.

A little introduction of Missoni Fashion House

Missoni is an Italian knitwear brand which was established and come in the fashion field in 1953.This fashion house was launched as knitwear accessories including sweaters, sweaters dresses, headbands, turbans, head wrap and many more. In their first knitwear collection this brand use colorful geometric prints .Missoni also won Neiman Marcus award in 1973 and since then this fashion house grew more and more progress. After some years in 1998 Missoni daughter Angela Missoni take over this brand and this brand known in this world due to their psychedelic color scheme me and striped knits. Under the Angela Missoni this brand make progress and take a new life into the collections with new signature vision.

turbans for cancer patients

Styles and designs of Missoni Zig Zag Viscose Cotton Knit Turban

This is a place from here one can find out the Styles and designs of Missoni Zig Zag Viscose Cotton Knit Turban. A turban is a stylish design of headwear which is commonly wears women as casual wear and those women who survived cancer. During the cancer treatment your scalp become very sensitive, so this cotton knit turbans give a comfortable feeling. Here we tell you some detail of this latest zig zag headwear collection, so that you can easily get an idea about them.

  • Headwear style:
  • Turbans
  • Color:
  • Mostly Multi color
  • Made in:
  • Italy
  • Exterior:
  • 100 % Viscose
  • Professional Dry clean
  • Signature zig zag knit patterns
  • Designs:
  • Zig Zag print
  • Brand:
  • Missoni

So must use this eye catching turbans collection as casual and formal wear in autumn and winter season. Mostly Missoni use multi color shades with bright combination and available in very comfortable cotton fabric. Here we also display different stylish looks of Missoni turbans styles and this perfect choice of this modern style headwear.

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