NARS Fall 2022 Color Makeup Collection Swatches

Women in the world are so beautiful with the beautiful and colorful lips. Lips perform is the most important part to increase the beauty of the women with this lips liner while eyeshadow and eyeliner with face blush is equally important. There are a lot of women in the world whose too much loves with the lips liner because its color shade is perfectly matched with their lips. NARS velvet lip liner is one of the excellent liners in the world and it’s too much popular among the women in the world, while their other makeup accessories are also first choice of every women. These colors are very natural and very helpful to increase the beauty of women and look very affective. Its new lips liners and other makeup is a color for the new audience which is the best for their lips with whole face. These pencils colors are consists in different design, pigments which is not dry their lips.

Most of women in the world which is so worry about their lips with whole face because there are not found the best makeup so this collection must fulfill their requirement. There are a lot of NARS colors collection which is the best for the women because nars fall 2022 color makeup collection swatches are best one.

NARS Blush

NARS Fall 2022 Makeup Collection

Blush $30.00

Duo Eyeshadow $35.00

Duo Eyeshadow $35.00

Night Series Eyeliner            $24.00

Satin Lip Pencil $25.00

Satin Lip Pencil $25.00

Some lip linear Color are including

  • Waimea Nude peach pink
  • Costa Smeralda Shocking pink
  • Anse Soleil Coral pink
  • Playa dorado vibrant orange red
  • PATONG Beach pink rose
  • Medano beach spiced wine
  • Nihiwatu cardinal red
  • Belle mare sangria
  • Mirihi island beach plum rose
  • Ei Agua lavender
  • Lanikai burgundy
  • Karekre bright rose

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