Oil Cleansing Method: Coconut and Olive oil for Acne and Dry Skin

Though the ides of cleansing face gently with oils seem somewhat crazy yet it really makes a lot of sense. It provides much more nourishment and moisture to your skin than the creamy face washes and cleansers. The basic idea behind using oil for cleansing is that it dissolves the natural oils that become hard with impurities and clog the pores. The fact that” oil dissolves oil” is actually based in the principle of chemistry “like dissolves like”. The best way to dissolve the non polar solvent similar to it. Use the right natural oils like olive oil and coconut oil to cleanse your pores from dirt , bacteria and sebum gently, effectively and naturally. Replace the dirty oils with the natural nourishing oils.

If you want to try natural oil cleansing method and see the results yourself, you just need oils, clean cloth and boiling water from steam. For oily skin mix 2/3 of olive oil and 1/3 of coconut oil. For dry skin, mix equal amount of both the oils. Mix the oils in small batches to get completely blended mixture. Now follow these steps to cleanse your skin with these nourishing natural oils.

Oil Cleansing Method: Coconut and Olive oil for Acne and Dry Skin

Method of oil cleansing

Oil Cleansing Method: Coconut and Olive oil for Acne and Dry Skin are given there..

  • In your bathroom, pore the required amount of oil blend in your hands and massage it in circular motion on your skin for 1 to 2 minutes until you make sure that your skin is completely saturated. You can leave it for 10 minutes for deep cleansing to pores and provide the proper moisture and nourishment too your skin.
  • Now soak a clean wash cloth with hot water and cover your face with it to provide steam, let it be until the cloth becomes cool. It will take off the extra oil and impurities with it. Repeat it again, if there is ant oil remaining. Then wipe the face with the clean side of wash cloth. Only a thin layer of oil will remain on your face that is beneficial.
  • For dry skin, after washing, apply few drops of the oil blend on your skin and massage well to absorb it in skin.
  • Repeat this oil cleansing method after a week. For oily and acne afflicted skin but for dry skin repeat it twice a week.
  • You can change the ratio of oils according to your skin type. You can also add some other natural oils init. Try this method to get wonderful oils in it. Try this method to get wonderful results and forget all the chemical treatments that have more risks than benefits.

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