Best Nail Polish Colors For Women Over 50 40

Chic Colors

Most of the older women don’t think that nail polish is an essential factor in their anti-aging arsenal but the fact is that few colors works well for adding or subtracting the age of women from the seeming age of their hands. Make sure that as women grow older their …

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How to Get Rid of Blind Pimples Overnight on Forehead


A blind pimple is a painful red or pink colored raised area without a black and white head. These are caused when our oil glands get closed due to an excess amount of sebum thus results in an inflammatory infection. These can also be developed by using make-up, thick foundations, …

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What Colour Shoes to Wear with Khaki Chinos

Khaki Chinos

Khaki chinos are basically the pants which are made up of strong cotton fabric. The fabric of these pants is light, durable and very comfortable to wear. In the mid of 19th century this color became popular in the UK. Before this in UK and in US these chinos were …

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How to Wear Hijab in Style for Wedding Party

Hijab style

In most of the Islamic states wearing hijab is made compulsory for women. However, around the world women always tried to adapt the latest fashion trend. At present women have more options than before. Women are very conscious about their dressing when going anywhere. Hijab is basically originated from the …

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How to Hide Dark Circles under Eyes without Makeup

remove dark circle

People find inconvenient to have dark circles under the eyes. By having this people look older than their age thus this lessens their confidence level. Moreover, dark circles under the eyes mostly look very tired. During childhood dark circles may appear due to inherited behavior. Generally dark circle are caused …

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How to Apply Cream Blush with a Brush on a Round Face


Your makeup will remain incomplete if you don’t use the blush hence it is very important component of makeup and women love to use it in a regular routine. Blushes are available in powdered form, liquid form and in cream form. Choosing among these is your personal decision. Powdered blush …

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