Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial, How to do Smokey Eyes at Wedding

Smoky eyes Make up is quite a famous fashion trend especially for weddings. It gives a sophisticated drama to your over all look. It makes your eyes stand out and gives you a gorgeously attractive look. Here are the step by step instructions for you that will help you in creating the smoky eyes in easy way. The key to perfect smoky eye make up is blending. The more proper the blending is, the more perfect and flawless the smoky make up would be. Another thing is to select the best combination of shades. You have to pair the light base color with the rich dark color on top. You can mix gold base with dark purple, Champaign with dark blue top, peach base with green on the top. Here is a procedure.

Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial, How to do Smokey Eyes at Wedding

  • To start the make up, apply the primer. You simply have to swipe the primer across the lid and wait for it too dry before starting the next step. This application of primer will prevent the make up from matting.
  • Now apply the liner. If you want to apply the typical brown or black smoky eye make up. Apply the liner in these colors. For violet or jeweled tones, apply green, purple or deep blue eye liner. The liner should be thick from the centre of the lid. You have to use the eye liner pencil to smudge the liner properly. Blend it on the bottom of the lash. Once the line is drawn, you can also use your finger to smudge it well. Apply a bit of eye shadow for smudging.
  • Apply a light base color. Prefer the cream and shimmered color.

smokey eyes

  • Now blend in darker colors but keep them under the crease. To get the smoky effect, blend the dark color well. Use the eye shadow brush to blend the color. Begin from the lash line and blend upwards. You also have to blend the color in the lash line to the liner will disappear. Stop the darker tone on the crease and blend well.
  • Apply the several coats of mascara make your eye lashes look long and dark. If you don’t have curly long lashes naturally. Curl them and if it’s convenient you can have fake lashes also.
  • With the heavy smoky eye make up, you have to keep your lips nude and have lighter shades of blush. Other wise it will give a heavy and unattractive look.

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