South Indian Diet Plan to Reduce Weight Quickly

To reduce weight quickly, is not only about exercising in gym and sweating for hours, but also about diet. Many people workout regularly without the desired weight reduction. They get disappointed and quit the exercises at once. The reason is that they take the high calorie fattening diet which makes the end result of their tedious work out zero. South India is rich in fruits and fresh vegetables that help in the reduction of weight. Read this article to explore the tips and suggestions that are useful in making a diet plan to reduce weight for South Indian people.

South Indian Diet Plan to Reduce Weight Quickly:

Close To Your Regular Diet:

It is highly recommended that your diet plan should be as close to your regular diet as possible. It is necessary because in this way you will remain stick to it for long time otherwise you will discontinue very soon. If you are a South Indian, enjoining dosas and sweets, you can include them in small quantity in your diet instead of quitting it at once which is impossible.

Change in Lifestyle:

Adopt a healthy lifestyle including walk, exercise and yoga, water intake and proper sleep of 8 to 10 hours daily. You can add any of your favorite physical activity in your daily routine. It can be jogging, cycling, dancing, walking, and running anything of your choice. It is essential to control the metabolic rate and burns the fat.

A sample of south Asian diet plan to reduce weight is as follows.


Eat cornflakes or cereals in a boil of milk in the morning. You can also take omelette of egg whites, vegetable sandwich or boiled egg according to your choice. The south Indian people mostly have idlis or dosa in breakfast. You can continue this routine but lessen the quantity and South Indian Diet Plan eventually change the habit.


You should take a proper meal in lunch such as rotis with vegetables and fresh salad. Add a little amount of protein from daal, sprouts, egg, chicken, fish and etc. Avoid fried or oily dishes that are fattening. Pickles are favorite of South Indian people but you have to avoid it to reduce weight.


You can eat fresh fruits, mixed dry fruits or roasted channas as snacks. Avoid tinned fruit and snacks.


Dinner can be same as lunch. You can also take vegetable soup in dinner. But the most important thing is to opt for an early dinner, at least 2 hours before bed time.

Things to Remember:

Take small portions of meal throughout the day. Do not have big gaps between meals because it slow downs your metabolism. Do not skip breakfast because it is essential to regain the energy after sleep at night. Drink plenty of water. Avoid bakery items and tinned food. Do not eat sweets and carbohydrate.

Follow the above mentioned diet plan to reduce weight quickly in South India.

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