Spanish Omelette by Chef Zubaida Tariq

Just focus  on the Spanish Omelette by Chef Zubaida Tariq (apa) Method: First of all beat eggs in a very fine way. Beat egg yolk and add in it French beans, potato, chicken chopped half cup, peas half cup, black pepper 1tsp, basin a pinch, olive oil, onion in fine pieces and fresh milk 2 tbsp. After this take a saucepan and add 1tsp oil when this oil heated then add egg white and after few second add mix ingredients egg yolk, put on salt and cheese’s hen it fried then roll two sides and serves with hot slices.


  • Eggs 5 (egg white and egg yolk do separate)
  • French beans 6(boil it and cut into pieces)
  • Potato 2(boil a little and cut into pieces)
  • Chicken chopped half cup(dries chicken water in a saucepan with a salt)
  • Peas half cup (boiled)
  • Black pepper crushed 1tbsp
  • Basin a pinch
  • Olive oil 1tbsp
  • Onion 1(cut into pieces)
  • Salt to taste
  • Cheese a little (into pieces)
  • Fresh milk 2tbsp
  • Oil 1tsp

You can serve this dish in breakfast and all family members eat this especially children. Zubaida Tariq cooked different types of recipes just like Pakistani, chinees, Afgani and different Indian.Here we share with you spainish omlate by chef Zubaida Tariq. Now current she is living in Karachi. She said that firstly their husband friend’s appreciate her cooking. Kitchen is very important in a women life.

Spanish Omelette by Chef Zubaida Tariq

Now she is currently doing on Masala TV. She work 8 years in leaver brother today is known as Unilever and then work half year in national food and prepare new recipews. She is working as a cooking expert in the age of 50. She also doing different TV shows on different channels just like Masala TV, ARY  and also on FM 107. .Now she is working with Masala TV, the name of her show Handi. Until now 300 episodes of handi. And besides cooking she tells different tips to solve house related problems and human body.

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