St Andrew’s Day 2022 Celebrations in London, UK

Here we discuss the topic St Andrew’s Day 2022 Celebrations in London, UK. St Andrew’s Day held on November 30 and on that there is a holiday in Scotland. People doing different activities on that day and flown Scottish flag on public buildings in Scotland. In Edinburgh there is a week of celebration, held musical and traditional ceilidh dancing show .Aceilidh is a social event in which couples dance in groups. There is another interesting thing which is associated on that day. The young women and girls doing especial pray for their feature husband at midnight 29 November becomes 30 November .St Andrew’s Day is a bank holiday in Scotland on November 30.

St Andrew's Day Celebrations 2022 in London, UK

Here we share with you St Andrew’s Day 2022 Celebrations in London, UK .People consider this day is a national day in London .St Andrew was the brother of St petter and he spent his life in spreading the message of Jesus. In Scotland and many other countries celebrated this day and St Andrew’s Day is marked with a celebration of Scottish cultural with traditional food, music and dance. People arrange different parties and organized musical shows, dancing competition. Same other events on that day people making so many food recipes .This day also celebrated in London and UK with different programs. In London and UK women are also doing different activities of praying for her feature husband.

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