Why American Brides Wear a White Wedding Dress

Wearing white wedding dress is relatively recent trend because for centuries any colors for bridal dress were acceptable. In early Cattic Cultures red was the preferred color for wedding dress that was the symbol of fertility. In Christianity blue was the color of bride’s dress that denoted truth and purity and depicted Virgin Mary. Until 19th century, women were married in their “Sunday Best”. Grey was also considered as both modest and useful. White was regarded as impractical. The white wedding dress that was recognized today was first worn by Queen Victoria in her wedding to Albert of Sarce-Coburg in 1840. But the white wedding gowns were worn as a token of bride’s purity and innocence. It was worn long before by the royalty. The tradition may come from the ancient Greek people who considered white to be the symbol of virginity and purity. It also implies to bride’s submission to her future husband, the man whom she allows the privilege to lift the veil. The color white in wedding gown can be a symbol of a lot of things like happiness, wealth, virginity innocence etc. Thus the trend flourished and evolved with every passing year and American and English brides kept on wearing white wedding gowns and with innovative styles and trendy fashionable cuts.

American Brides Wear

In America during the great Depression of 1930’s, women commonly wore short white dresses that could easily dyed to wear as everyday dresses. It was in 1950’s that the white wedding dresses because mainstream in U S Queen Elizabeth 2 wore white wedding gowns on her wedding in 1947 with king Dhilip. So, the trend continues throughout the years.

American Brides Wear

Today American and all Christian Society in general prefer white as a bridal dress through it includes shades like eggshell, ivory and ecru etc. In Native America the white bridal dress consisted of large belts, white wedding robe with red strips at the top and bottom white buckskin leggings and moccasins, a string to tie on hair and veil of white net. Mostly the dress in made f expensive silk or satin embellished with beads, laces, and various fancy materials. Thus white wedding dress has become more or less the popularized fashion trend and is adopted by all the American brides.

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